Now using Embarcadero Delphi XE6 and ESBDevLib

We are currently testing the next releases of ESBCalc Pro 9 (our Scientific Calculator for Windows) and ESBUnitConv Pro 9 (our Unit Conversion Software for Windows) – and both have two major changes under the hood:

a) They are now being built with the latest release of Delphi – Embarcadero Delphi XE6 – and we are finding that not only is XE6 quite stable but that our productivity is slightly better in it 🙂

b) They are no longer dependent on our current ESBPCS for VCL Library but are both using our next generation ESBDevLib for VCL. Thus we are getting much closer to having Mac, iOS and Android versions for our Calculators.

The major update to ESBDateCalc Pro is still under development. We are trying to improve the User Interface and make it more expandable. We are aiming for easy swapping between Gregorian and Julian Calendars – which is a feature we’ve had most requests for – as well as a better way of displaying the “special days” (ie National Holidays, Christian Special Days, Jewish Special Days, Islamic Special Days, etc).

After that we will have major updates to our Programmers Calculator, ESBProgCalc Pro and our Financial Calculator, ESBFinCalc Pro. We are also working on an RPN Calculator. So plenty more to come!

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